Saturday, March 17, 2012


Sitting here pondering how hard it has always been for me to ask people for “stuff,” for “things,” for money, among other things.  It’s a familiar place for me to reside...that place where it so much easier for me to give than to receive.  You know, that uncomfortable place that feels needy, or imposing?  It’s probably why I have only just recently reached out, as I have known about this trip for some weeks now

Setting pride aside recently, I stepped out on a limb to ask for support, for some assistance in making this journey to St. Lucia one that feels contributive and meaningful. I have been pleasantly surprised by the delight I have encountered since asking.  

I have been reminded of a few things:

1.     It takes a village.  Some folks have offered what they perceive to be “small” donations.  Well folks, each penny adds up!  Each offering amasses into something larger & builds momentum when added to the mix of bits and pieces.  I cannot do this thing called life alone.  I am deeply grateful for each and every offering of support-emotional, physical and/or financial.  Thank you!
2.     I cannot get what I do not ask for.  Hard as it may be, I encourage you all to reach out to ask for what it is that you need & desire.  You never know what or who awaits the other side of your courageous request.
3.     The art of surrender is vividly poignant in my life right now.  I have counseled so many women to do just this throughout their childbearing process.  Surrender plans, expectations, judgments, pride, and that sense that we have any “control” about how things will unfold.  I’m working on surrendering.

May this journey be full of occasions for me to find growth (gently please), to be offered reminders of why midwifery is what I choose (or is it the other way around?), to find a deeper sense of center AND to find more joy among the moments that make up my days.  

I’m looking forward to help usher earthside babies in another locale, with some new perspective on pregnancy & birth.  I am so delighted to be able to embrace this opportunity and am grateful to all those who have encouraged me to do so. 

Excited to share with you all the first installation of donations and supplies made possible by donations already received.  Not so sure if the picture is worth a thousand words... It does, however, illuminate what I have already gathered in the way of supplies to donate to Victoria Hospital.  Thank you!

In no particular order, included in the above photo: 24 receiving blankets, 1 fetoscope, 6 tape measures, 4 amniocots, 5 pregnancy wheels, 2 suture sets, 1 infant stethoscope, 1 adult stethoscope, 6 pieces vicryl suture, 3 pieces silk suture, 150 sterile gloves, sterile lubricant, tourniquets, 3 cord clamps, 15 maternity pads, three digital thermometers, 25 chux pads, 14 newborn diapers, 10 infant combs, 20 bottles baby shampoo, 2 peri bottles, 4 newborn hats, 4 surgical blades, ball point pens and one latex-free bag & mask resuscitator.

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