Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I'm here to share the bits and pieces of an adventure that I will be soon be embarking upon. An adventure that I anticipate with great delight and gentle timidity. Thanks for joining me! It is my intention to share with you all what it is that I encounter along this journey with a depth of spirit, integrity, humility and maybe some humor along the way, tho I've never been the comedian in the crowd.
I haven't been overseas in....well let's just say WAY too long. My passport is much to shiny for my liking and I find that I am all to ready to settle into a sense of comfort and routine. So, I guess there is no better way to switch it up a bit than to head to where the sun shines hot all day, the ocean warmly welcoming and the Caribbean babies abound.
I have an amazing opportunity to spend 5 weeks with the midwives and their "patients" at Victoria hospital in the capital city of Castries, St. Lucia, West Indies. My adventure begins with fervor on the 27th of March and will carry me through to May 2nd at which point I return to the states to let the rest of my midwifery education and experience unfold in ways I cannot yet conceive of.
I am hopeful that my time away will be fruitful in mind, body & spirit. That I return with a renewed sense of self, a deep commitment to integrity moving forward and an unshakable belief in the competence of my skills as the emerging midwife I am unfolding into.
Deep, deep gratitude for those that have held space for me along this journey, for those that continue to encourage me through dark moments, those who revel in my joy and those who believe in me.

P.S. If you are called to do so, please check out my widget, to the left there, and share as you are willing and able. Money raised will assist in supporting the financial needs to make this journey happen on a variety of levels. I will update you all on funds raised and the donations made possible by such generosity.


  1. I will follow your journey to St. Lucia and back and farther. Do well and shine on 'em! I love you.

  2. So much love and admiration for you <3 <3